Craggy cliffs

Craggy cliffs  Craggy cliffs – is a location added to the new Fortnite map after Season 1 of Chapter 2 update. The cliffs can be found in coordinates E1, 2 – F1, 2; east of the Steamy stacks and north of the Frenzy farm.

Craggy cliffs location is very reminiscent of one of the locations of the old map – Happy Hamlet. The city also has a chapel and tiny houses with beautiful finishes. Perhaps the similarities end there … As for the differences, they are obvious: a change of subject from winter to hot summer, the appearance of the Fishstick restaurant, a small number of boats and trees.

Fortnite Craggy cliffs location is inhabited by civilians, modest residential buildings bordering the center speak of this. In this area, as in Lazy Lake, there is a fishing tackle shop that is useful to any fish lover.

Loot in the location as much as it was in Happy Hamlet. The resources here are mostly stone and wood, for the sake of metal, you definitely should not sit here!


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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