Deathstroke’s glider will be the reward for the 4th issue of Batman x Fortnite comic

Fortnite players are already used to all the collabs. First, it was a whole Marvel season, then it was a season full of different famous bounty hunters, and it seems like this season’s second theme will be DC Universe.

Deathstroke's glider will be the reward for the 4th issue of Batman x Fortnite comic

It’s not a secret that there will be new Batman and Harley Quinn skins in the item shop, which will also be available for purchasing the comic. However, DC Universe isn’t all about those two characters. We already had some leaks about a supervillain coming to Fortnite, and the rumors are true. Deathstroke is coming to the island very soon.

Deathstroke is a supervillain, and of course, there will be a special Deathstroke’s glider in Fortnite that will suit all the supervillain needs of Deathstroke himself. Deathstroke’s glider isn’t so scary itself, but will most likely fit other Fortnite skins well. The glider will appear in the item shop the day the 4th comic issue releases.

However, it’s still unknown how Deathstroke outfit will get to the players’ lockers. First, we thought that the skin will be a reward for the comic, but this assumption might be wrong. It might be an additional reward or just a skin in the item shop.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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