Fortnite Remedy vs. Toxin challenges – How to Get Purple Remedy Style

Fortnite Remedy vs. Toxin challenges are a long-awaited series of missions that will allow everyone to get a free purple remedy style. In addition, for each challenge completed, we will gain 52,000 experience.

Reach Battle Pass Tier 40

It is not surprising that the very beginning of the Fortnite Remedy vs. Toxin challenges is to achieve a level, because without a skin you can’t get a style. Therefore, if you have not downloaded the battle pass yet, it’s time to start doing it, because I’m sure almost everyone wants to have 3 styles for Toxin skin. No wonder that on our channel the comments only consist of the question: “How to Get Purple Remedy Style”.

Complete ‘Remedy vs. Toxin’ Mission Objectives

A standard refinement that eliminates unnecessary questions. It’s simple – complete 9 challenges from the Fortnite Remedy vs. Toxin missions and get the purple style. The missions, which will be mentioned below, can be performed in all modes, just keep in mind that such a task as “Earn Silver Survivor Medals” can be completed only in key modes (solo, duo, squad) and in non-respawn modes.

Visit different food trucks

Food trucks are establishments of a burger, pizzeria, ice cream cafe and some kind of fork with a knife on wheels. Yes, the latter met us last season, but without an exact image it is extremely difficult to remember.

Fortnite Remedy vs. Toxin challenges - How to Get Purple Remedy Style

All you need to do is visit 3 of these cafes using our fortnite food trucks map or your memory, because, for sure, you came across them more than once during the game. Yes, you won’t be able to order something and enjoy the abundance of food courts in Fortnite, but successfully approach the receipt of the style for Remedy.

Fortnite food trucks map:

Fortnite Remedy vs. Toxin challenges - How to Get Purple Remedy Style

Earn Silver Survivor Medals

As I wrote in my unsurpassed dissertation on the experience in Fortnite chapter 2, the silver survivor medal goes to those who survived ~ 75 opponents, i.e. the medal is obtained when 25 survivors get in the game. Therefore, the only way to get this medal is to wait out or regain the storm, opponents and the whole game in principle.

The best way to survive we have already written. To begin with, you need to fall for a long time from the bus, immediately open the hang glider, then just stick to the edge of the circle and listen to the sounds of the game, connecting the visualization of sound effects (“Settings” → “Sound” → “Visualization of sound effects”.) Next, proceed based on out of your safety and avoid direct contact if you suffer from shooting and construction.

As soon as you survive to 25 survivors and get a medal (it will be displayed on the screen), you can safely die! There are three such games to play.

SMG Eliminations

Everything is clear with the submachine guns in the game, the main thing is to find them, and the enemies will die on their own, because you just need to do nothing – destroy 3 opponents.

To kill with this weapon, do not be afraid of close contacts and do not shoot from afar, otherwise 7 damage will fly in different directions and will definitely not please you.

Search chests at Landmarks

As we found out at the beginning of the season, there are about 50 landmarks on the Fortnite map, so this challenge should not cause any difficulties in principle.

Fortnite landmarks map:

Fortnite Remedy vs. Toxin challenges - How to Get Purple Remedy Style

With chests, of course, everything is simple: at landmarks they are usually inside houses and roofs, so it will not be difficult to search the 7 chests you need, as required by assignment.

Reach 100 of both Health and Shield in different matches

The mission to the absurd is easy, given that you can get 100 units of health and shield in different simple ways. Of course, the first of them is to use the services of the Slurpy Swamp if the search for shields failed or you are just too lazy. The second is to discover the shield that I have already mentioned. Well, the third is eating mushrooms, apples and coconuts, which are few, but closer to the cherished numbers of 100.

Get 100 shield and health in three different matches.

Deal damage with a Common, Uncommon, and Rare weapon in a single match

When completing this task, you can experience only one difficulty – finding all three types of rare weapons. Not so often, unfortunately, you can find all three in one match, but do not forget about the workbenches that will help out if you come across solid gray and darkness.

I remind you that conventional weapons are gray, unusual green, and rare blue.

Deal Damage to enemy structures

If you are a fan of team rumble, then you probably know what mazes fortniters can adjust to the middle of the game. We will take advantage of these benefits and turn the anthill into catacombs! Take pp, machine gun, grenades or rocket launchers – everything will come in handy on the battlefield with cyber builders.

Deal 2500 damage to enemy buildings and get your experience, which, by the way, has nowhere to go.

Visit different bus stops in a single match

Bus stops are located along the roads, so if you are not going to use our map of stops, look for them when moving along an asphalt road. They are painted blue and have the letter G on the sign above.

Fortnite Remedy vs. Toxin challenges - How to Get Purple Remedy Style

They usually have ammo box, so you can visit and enjoy the collection of resources.

Fortnite Bus Stop Map:

Fortnite Remedy vs. Toxin challenges - How to Get Purple Remedy Style

Visit 3 bus stops.

Achieve Weapon Specialist Accolades by dealing damage with weapons

A weapons specialist medal is issued to players who deal 200 or more damage with a particular weapon. Therefore, to complete this task, pick your favorite weapon and fill them with damage.

Get 5 weapon specialist achievements.

Be first to catch a fish, first to land from the Battlebus, or first to get an Elimination

This mission will not be easy to perform, especially at the start of tasks. Try to actively squeeze the “jump out of the bus” button, go fishing more intensively (here a lot depends on luck), or be the first to commit a murder. The latter, it seems to me, is impenetrable, but still possible.

Try and maybe for the third or fifth attempt, something will work out!


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