Fortnite Save the World release – everything you need to know

A few days ago, with the 13.20 update, Save the World has finally been released. But it’s not as good as it appears to be. The game’s developers have uploaded a post, where they said that the game is finally released after 3 years of early access, and now is a completed game.

Fortnite Save the World release - everything you need to know

Let’s see what’s changed in StW after its release:

  1. You still need to buy the game, even though the developers have told that they wanted to make it free to play;
  2. The game’s story is completed. As developers say, we don’t need to expect for new story updates because there will be no story updates. The game’s plot is completed and won’t be developed anymore;
  3. Save the World seasons are no more related to Battle Royale seasons. Save the World will now have its own annual season cycle. Throughout the year seasons will alternate and then repeat;
  4. The developing is slowed down – updates will come out very rarely or won’t come out at all;
  5. All the Founder packs are removed, to buy the game you now need to purchase a special pack that also includes a skin;
  6. All the new players will now get X-Ray Tickets instead of V-Bucks;
  7. If you are a Founder (which means you’ve bought Save the World before 06.30.2020), V-Bucks gain will be the same for you.

As you can see, the news isn’t so good as you may’ve thought at first glance. Save the World is basically paused and now new players probably will stop coming. Many of us have bought the PvE mode just to get some V-Bucks and actually liked it, but it won’t be happening anymore. If you want to get some V-Bucks, you can’t’ do it in Save the World now. But if you’re a founder and want to buy the pack, you’ll still be able to farm V-Bucks.

It’s sad that instead of changing something or creating new ways to monetize the game developers have decided to freeze the game by making it cycled. Save the World is now a game for genre’s lovers, and new players will probably stop buying Save the World.

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