Fortnite Season 17 final event leaks

The end of the Fortnite Season 17 is a time when not so much theory as real facts prevail in the information field and affect our storyline perception. And leaks that will be described below are planned for Fortnite Season 17 final event. There are spoilers here, so if you don’t want predictions, you better leave.

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Many people know that among the locations of the 18th season there will be three new areasPyramid, Cubes and Crash Site. Anything can be ‘Cubes’, including our friend Kevin; The Pyramid seems to speak for itself; but as for the Location of the Crash Site, leakers have more accurate information about the accident that awaits us.

Fortnite Season 17 final event leaks

Digging through the files, you can find Slone’s very unambiguous words that she plans to shoot down a huge UFO. The plate, as you may have noticed, is simply huge. Leakers have information that the saucer will fall straight on the Misty Meadow.

The developers have tested this scenario, and the files mention “MistyAftermath” and the “MistyRemove”.  Yes, these evil UFOs will do dirty tricks even after their destruction.

Fortnite Season 17 final event leaks

In general, as far as it is clear from the dialogues, Slone understands perfectly well what she is doing and that she cannot do without sacrifice. I think that towards the end of the season, when the farm is stolen, banners will appear near the mountain town with a request to leave the location. But in general, the Misty Meadow could be chosen only for the test.

I hope these Fortnite Season 17 final event leaks will come true.


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