How to Change Banner Brigade Skins, Cosmetics Style

Banner Brigade skins and cosmetics are the first in the history of Fortnite equipment series, the style of which is able to change the player. Amazingly, you can choose the mood and presentation of your skin by simply changing the style and color. This may not give any advantages in battle, but you can become a unique fighter in this game.

And since styles change and there can be endless combinations, the players have a logical question: “How to change banner brigade skins, cosmetics style?”

How to Change Banner Bridgade Skins Style

As already mentioned, Banner Brigade Skins is a whole set that includes pickaxe, glider, back bling and skins.

To change the color or logo of these items, first buy what you like. Next, select the item in the locker and put it on. Then, staying in the locker section, go down below and select the banner section. In the window that opens, change the color and shape. Thus, your skin will have its own design, even if it is imperfectly embodied.

How to Change Banner Brigade Skins, Cosmetics Style

Banner Brigade Skins are sold at the item store for 800 V-bucks.

How to Change Custom Cruiser Style

As for changing the style of the glider, the course of action is similar. Buy, put in the slot, select the logo and color in the locker and enjoy the color flight to the selected location in the game.

How to Change Banner Brigade Skins, Cosmetics Style

The Custom Cruiser glider is on sale at the Fortnite store for 500 V-bucks. As mentioned, the style can be unique, just select the focus and pattern!

How to Change Banner Cape Style

The last element of makeup is a Banner Cape back bling. He is alone, but styles may be enough.

How to Change Banner Brigade Skins, Cosmetics Style

You can buy this item for 400 V-bucks.

How to Change Emblematic pickaxe Style

Despite the fact that there is one pickaxe, you can change their styles as well as before. You need to buy an item, put it on and go to the banner section. Further, it all depends on your imagination!

How to Change Banner Brigade Skins, Cosmetics Style

Emblematic pickaxe is sold at the item store for 500 V-bucks.

The main advantage of this set is that if you are a young and ambitious team, you can collect a whole set of such things with the same emblems. Thus, at competitions it will be more convenient for you to track each other, and the audience will enjoy watching.

Well, the main drawback of the brigade set is that there really can be many styles, but they are all enclosed in a framework. In fact, you cannot uniqueize your items to 100 percent, because banner layout and colors are limited.


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