How to gift Fortnite Skins, V-bucks and a Battle Pass

Is your friend celebrating? Or do you want to please your soulmate? Take advantage of a gift in Fortnite – starting with v6.31 update, the game has the ability to send gifts to friends.

In this article, we will take a look at the Fortnite gift system: how to gift, what to gift, and can the gift be returned.

How to gift Fortnite Skins, V-bucks and a Battle Pass



How to gift Fortnite skins

Before buying a skin, make sure that you have enough V-bucks on your balance.

  • To gift a Fortnite skin, you must be logged into the Fortnite game. Go to the item shop and select an item that you want to gift
  • Press the “Buy as a gift” button in the skin window
  • Select the friend you want to gift
  • Choose a gift wrap. Next, click on the “Purchase gift” button

How to gift a battle pass

You can’t gift a Fortnite battle pass with V-bucks. That is why the button to pay will be indicated in your currency.

  • To gift a Battle Pass, you must be logged into the Fortnite game.
  • Next open the Battle Pass page. Nearby the “Buy” button you can see the “Gift” button, click on it.
  • Select the friend you want to gift
  • Pay for the purchase and your gift will be sent to a selected friend.

Can’t gift Fortnite

If you can’t gift, check the rules below:

  • You must have two-factor authentication enabled (if not, use the guide)
  • You can gift only to those who have been in your friends list for more than 2 days (Immediately after adding a player, you cannot gift him anything)
  • You can gift no more than 5 items per day
  • You can’t gift V-bucks, Fortnite Crew and bundles through the game. This rule cannot be bypassed, it is set by the developers
  • You can’t gift Fortnite skins from your locker, only from the item shop

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Can I return a gift?

For recipient: No, you cannot exchange the received gift for V-bucks.

For sender: No, you can’t return a gift. It is impossible to return money, as well as V-bucks for gifts. Everything you gift goes to the addressee forever.

In this regard, be careful: do not respond to requests to exchange gifts from unfamiliar people. You can simply be deceived, and you will gift an item, but you will not receive anything in return. These types of scams are very popular.


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