How to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Fortnite level 100)

Fortnite Levelling up the Battle Pass is probably the most interesting themes since Chapter 2 started. This was the time when the regular Battle Pass stars got changed for XP. Since then, the levelling system is constantly changing and being adjusted by the developers, and the players are coming up with new ideas about how to level up fast in both Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of Fortnite.

In this guide, we’ll look at all the levelling system’s details and tell how to level up the Chapter 3 Fortnite Battle Pass fast. Let’s start with the theory – it’s hard to come up with a universal way of levelling up if you don’t know the basics.

How to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Fortnite level 100)

Notice: the article is updated every season, so be sure to create a bookmark to always have fast access to relevant levelling information.

Why do you need to level up Fortnite Battle Pass?

The most important thing is to understand why all of us level the Battle Pass up in the first place. If you’ve been playing for a long while, you can skip this part, but if you are a new player, you need to know that the Battle Pass is the cheapest way of getting unique Fortnite skins. However, just buying the Battle Pass isn’t enough – you also need to level it up, because you only get rewards for new Battle Pass levels.

To get all the unique rewards, you need to get the 100th Battle Pass level. But if you want to get the additional styles, you will need to level your Battle Pass up to level 200.

Below, you can see how many levels you need for each part of the Battle Pass rewards. You can choose how much time to spend based on which rewards you want to get. Either way, getting more than 200 levels has no point – in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, you can completely unlock everything with level 200.

How to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Fortnite level 100)

How much XP is needed for each level (Fortnite XP Chart)

Before, the developers were using unique values for each level, but in Chapter 3 Season 2, everything changed. Now, every Battle Pass level costs 80,000 XP. The value doesn’t change through the first 200 levels, and even though they are different for levels 200+, we won’t cover them here – levels above level 200 won’t get you any additional rewards.

  • XP needed for every level: 80,000 XP
  • XP needed for level 100: 7,920,000 XP
  • XP needed for level 200: 15,920,000 XP

What fortnite level should i be at

A lot of players wonder how much XP they need for each level and for level 200 in particular, but even more players are interested in whether their level is enough or if they need to play more.

To make things clear, we created a graph, which you can use as a calculator to see which level you need to have in Fortnite today to get the Battle Pass to level 100 or 200. The first line shows levelling up to level 100, and the second one shows the levels and dates for level 200. Therefore, you can choose the best line for you – each shows the level and time you need to unlock everything in Chapter 3 Season 2 of Fortnite. If your level is the same or higher than the one the graph shows for the current day, you are fine, and if it’s lower, you might need to speed up the levelling pace a bit.

How level up fast in Fortnite?

We can split the total XP income in 4 blocks by their sources:

  • Battle Royale
  • Creative Mode
  • Save the World
  • Impostors

Either way, you need to actually play in order to get levels – there’s no such thing as a level glitch or hack in Fortnite Chapter 3. Each game mode has its own XP incomes, and all the game modes impact how you level up the Battle Pass in Fortnite.

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Battle Royale XP

If you only play Battle Royale, you can use the following methods to get XP.

Daily Challenges

The game offers an unlimited amount of challenges with 1,000 XP as the reward every day. However, only the first 3 ones will give you an additional 15,000 XP. In total, the first 3 daily challenges will give you 48,000 XP, so completing them is very important.

This Season is 77 days long (11 weeks), so if you will complete 3 challenges every day, you will get 3,696,000 XP by the end of the season. This amount of XP will give you 50 Battle Pass levels.

How to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Fortnite level 100)


Milestones are challenges created to reward the player for doing simple actions throughout the whole season. Chapter 3 Season 2 has 18 different milestones. There’s no point in completing them on purpose, because they’re made so you can easily complete them just by playing Fortnite. Each milestone has 20 steps, and each step gives you 7,000 XP as a reward.

In total, you can get 2,520,000 XP by completing milestones through the season. However, you probably won’t complete more than 70% of them, which will give you around 2,000,000 XP.

It’s also worth mentioning that you will also get additional XP for completing milestones’ steps. Every 25 steps will give you 15,000 XP. Completing all the steps will give you 180,000 XP, which is too little compared to other challenges.

How to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Fortnite level 100)

Weekly Challenges

These are the challenges that are carried through the season and updated every week. There are 2 types of weekly challenges in Fortnite:

  • Weekly challenges
  • Story challenges (Paradise)

Weekly Challenges are challenges updated every Thursday at 13:00 UTC. They don’t go anywhere, so you can complete them at any point of the current season.

Every week there are 7 new challenges. Each of them gives you 20,000 XP, so you will receive 1,540,000 XP for completing all the challenges through the season.

You should also notice that you also get additional XP for completing these challenges, just like with milestones. Every week, you can get an additional 150,000 XP, which results in additional 1,650,000 XP for the whole season.

You can get 3,190,000 XP in total for completing weekly challenges.

How to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Fortnite level 100)

Paradise Challenges are story challenges that also get updated every week. This season they got an upgrade, so you can get a whole 2,500,000 XP (approximate value) instead of 600,000. It’s very important not to miss them if you want to get as much XP as possible.

How to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Fortnite level 100)

Notice! These challenges can take a while before they appear in the menu, so be sure to unlock all the map’s locations if you have any problems.

Kickstart challenges

This is a new kind of challenges that was added with the start of Chapter 3 Season 4. Every challenge gives you 35,000 XP, and there are 7 of them in total. 1 block of those challenges will give you 245,000 XP. However, this is probably a one-time thing just to give players a quick start in the season, ans there won’t be more challenges in this series in the future.

The files only contain 1 pack of those challenges and have no mentions of any additional quests.

Event challenges

The last type of challenges that can give you XP are event challenges. This type of challenges appear during holidays and collaborations. They are usually available for a short period of time, and it’s impossible to count the exact amount of XP you get for them, but usually, it’s around 500,000 XP.

Doing in-game actions

Every action you do in-game also gives you additional XP. The amount of XP might seem negligible, but results in much bigger amounts by the end of the season. Therefore, you can get some additional XP just by opening chests, ammo crates, striking props’ weak points etc. There won’t be too much of this XP, but it will be a good bonus for those who play a lot.

Level up in Fortnite Creative

Creative mode is a separate mode in Fortnite, which consists of maps designed by users. It’s difficult to calculate the amount of XP you can get in Creative, because every time you’ll get less XP, but it will not be zero. According to our tests, you can get 240,000 XP or 3 Levels every day, but this amount may be more, but it takes more time.

Per season, you can get a total of 24,960,000 XP, which equals to 250 Battle Pass levels . But this way, you need to play every day.

How to get XP in Creative?

We told you how much XP you can get, but we didn’t tell you how to get it. You can’t get XP by playing any map – you need to choose special maps. There is a special icon on maps where you can get XP. You will see this icon on maps in the mode menu.

How to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Fortnite level 100)

But in different maps, you can get different quantities of XP. Every season we make a collection of more effective maps and there is very much in this season – read the article about the best maps in Creative. Just choose the map you like, enter the code and play Fortnite Creative until you level up a few times or are too bored.

As you can see, you can just play Fortnite Creative for the whole season and level up to level 200, but you should combine this XP with other challenges and modes.

Level up in Save the World

Save the World has a new life, because in this season you can get more XP and up your level faster. You can get 480,000 XP every day in the Save the World Fortnite mode. It equals to 8 levels every day, therefore, you can get 104 levels per 13 days. And through the whole season, you can get about 600 levels (there’s no reason to level up Battle Pass so much).

But there’s some nuances, which will dispel your happiness:

  • Save the World (PvE) is a buy-to-play mode. You can’t run it if you haven’t bought it. And even though a lot of players have it, this way of XP gain is either unavailable or really hard for new players.
  • You should play a lot. You can’t get XP just for one second, you need to play for 3-4 hours to get 480,000 XP. Of course, you can do it in afk, but your computer might not be able to handle Fortnite and other software at the same time.
  • This process is monotonous. You need to know that this way to farm XP is like grinding in an MMORPG. Every time you do the same thing and this gameplay will be not a joy.

How to get XP in Save the World

Firstly, let’s investigate where STW mode is. You can run it in the section “Play your way” in the game mode menu.

How to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Fortnite level 100)

STW mode consists of locations with special modes, which are different and can give you different amounts of XP. But there is one feature: in any location you can get the same amount of XP, so it’s easier to play in the first location (Stonewood).

Now let’s see the game modes and XP:

Notice that the XP amounts were increased since the last season.

ModeXPTime to complete
Destroy the Encampments25 000 XP (for all encampments)5-20 minutes
Ride the Lightning41 000 XP12 minutes
Retrieve the Data32 000 XPUp to 20 minutes
Eliminate and CollectUp to 30 000 XP10 minutes
Fight the StormUp to 60 000 XP10-12 minutes
ResupplyUp to 30 000 XP10 minutes
Rescue the SurvivorsUp to 50 000 XP20 minutes
Build the Radar GridUp to 50 000 XP20 minutes
FrostniteUp to 258 000 XPUp to 2 hours
Evacuate the Shelter45 000 XP17-20 minutes

And here are the XP amounts for Storm Shield Endurance:

WaveXPCompletion time
Wave 13 100 XP-
Wave 29 400 XP-
Wave 317 200 XP-
Wave 428 100 XP-
Wave 539 100 XP-
Wave 653 100 XP-
Wave 762 500 XP-
Wave 871 900 XP
Wave 982 800 XP-
Wave 1093 800 XP
Wave 11104 700 XP
Wave 12115 600 XP
Wave 13129 700 XP-
Wave 14140 600 XP-
Wave 15157 800 XP-
Wave 16165 600 XP-
Wave 17181 300 XP-
Wave 18196 900 XP-
Wave 19210 900 XP-
Wave 20225 000 XP-
Wave 21243 800 XP-
Wave 22253 100 XP-
Wave 23278 100 XP-
Wave 24293 800 XP-
Wave 25310 900 XP-
Wave 26332 800 XP-
Wave 27351 600 XP-
Wave 28370 300 XP-
Wave 29390 600 XP-
Wave 30410 900 XP-

How to get XP by being AFK

You also can get XP by staying in afk in Save the World, but I’m telling you right now, this is not a fast process and it’ll take 2,5 hours. You’ll need not to play Fortnite, but keep it open. And we will do all that in “Endurance mission”

You need to perform the following actions:

  • Run Save the World (PvE);
  • Choose Stonewood location;
  • Double click on Homebase in this location;
  • Choose section Storm Shield Assist
  • Now you should wait until you find the game. Two results come in:
    • In the first way, you’ll get on a mission with Storm Shield Defense, and for completing it, you’ll get between 50,000 and 80,000 XP, but you can just leave and repeat previous action.
    • In the second way, you’ll get in an Endurance mission. You will see a notification about it, when you load on the map. 90% that this map base will be fully developed and all you need to do is stay in afk.
  • Wait about 2,5 hours and you’ll get 360 000 XP.

Important notes:

  • A good thing to do is ask the Shield owner if they need help or you may stay AFK.
  • You will not be kicked from this mode because of staying in afk and there is no punishment for it.
  • If you see that the Shield is developed and built with traps, don’t try to help, because you’ll change the path of zombies and will harm the Shield owner. Just stay AFK (but before doing so, you should ask the owner).

Level up in Impostors

This mode was removed from the game.

The fastest way to level up in Chapter 3 Season 2

Now, let’s take everything we have now and create a small to-do list you can use to level up your Battle Pass faster.

So, your gameplay should include these actions:

  1. You need to play Battle Royale every day and complete 3 daily challenges, or just log into the game and get the XP Bonus. You can complete the Season challenges whenever you like.
  2. It’s important to complete all the seasonal challenges.
  3. Then, you need to go to Fortnite Creative Mode and play the maps that give you the most XP for the most little time spent – a code for one of these level up maps, for example. You need to play until you get around 2 or 3 levels. Usually, it’s around 30-40 minutes.
  4. Go to the Save the World mode and either complete an AFK Storm Shield defense (see the article above) or complete any missions from the table. You can play until you reach the XP limit (480,000 XP) or until you are too bored to play more (If you don’t have Save the World, you can play Impostors instead).

These simple actions can help you get to level 200 in 1 month or even faster.

Summary: if you just want to get to level 100, playing 2-3 days in a week and completing all the challenges is enough. If you want to get to level 200, you need to level up in Fortnite Creative maps from time to time. And if you want to level up as fast as possible, you can always use the Fortnite level guide above.


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