How to See Nick Statistics in fortnitestats

We continue our series of articles about gaming services that will help collect both statistics on the opponent’s nickname and our own statistics. This time we will look at the FortniteStats Service.

Recall that in the first article we looked at the FortniteTracker service.

FortniteStats is a service that is able to show fortnite player statistics by nickname. significantly loses the FortniteTracker in terms of functionality, but it may be that many of these features will be enough.

What can the FortniteStats

All you need to do is go to the site of the service and enter your nickname into the search form –

How to See Nick Statistics in fortnitestats

The service is able to collect the following statistics on the player’s nickname:

  • Number of wins
  • Number of games played
  • Kill count
  • KD (homicide to death ratio)
  • How often the player hit the top
  • How many hours the player spent in the game

All statistics are divided by mode:

  • Single battles
  • Pair battles
  • Squad fights

Additionally, the service draws beautiful charts to visualize the player’s progress.

How to See Nick Statistics in fortnitestats

As we said earlier – in this service there are almost no tools for a detailed study of their progress, unlike the FortniteTracker. But if you need a tool for quick analysis of a team mate or an enemy in a tournament, then fortniteStats can become your reliable friend. And if you are seriously engaged in the analysis of your game, then check out the possibilities of changing the resolution to Fortnite – perhaps a non-standard resolution will be more convenient for you.


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