Klombos in Fortnite: where to find, what they give and how to tame them

Recently we made some posts about pink dinosaurs (Klombos), but with the new 19.10 Fortnite patch more information appeared, and therefore it’s easier to write a new post than to change the previous one.

Klombos are huge dinosaurs, which walk around the island now. They feel like the rightful owners of the island, breaking everything around by their massive body and pushing players if they come too close. But they are peaceful, so don’t worry!

Klombos in Fortnite: where to find, what they give and how to tame them


It’s difficult to describe them, because sometimes they are perfect, and sometimes they are pictures of fear and darkness. From time to time, their big face is twisted funnily, even though they look very cute most of the time.

Where to find dinosaurs in Fortnite

New dinosaurs, specifically Klombos, live in different corners of the map. The map of their spawn is below, just keep in your mind that their spawn in these places is random.

It’s enough to visit a few points, and you’ll find them. Finding them is actually really easy, because there’s music in the areas where they live, and they also stomp, grunt and make various sounds…

How to tame

Klombos aren’t another vehicle in Fortnite, and you can’t really ride them, but there is one item that may interest them. And this item is Klomberry. It’s easy to remember, because it’s formed from the word “strawberry”.

You can buy a Klomberry from Haven character for 25 gold bars, which is very convenient, because there is a Klombo spawn nearby.

When you get the berry, throw it at a Klombo. The animal will suck the berry, change its color and will be watching you for some time. It will not follow you, as indicated in the official article. It will follow you for a few centimeters, but then will lose the interest in you. Perhaps this is a bug, but that’s all we have. Doubtful investment!

Other features

– If you hit a Klombo, it will turn into a beast, which wants to trample you. You can escape, continue the fight, or share some berries with the animal;

– If you climb a Klombo and get close to blowholes, it can exhale and throw you up. Then, you can open the glider;

– An important addition: you can’t ride the animal.


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