Spy Within challenges guide

The new Spy Within challenges are some tasks for the creative mode, that can give you some cool cosmetics for completing them. These cool cosmetics are a glider, a wrap, a music pack, and a back bling. It’s a great possibility for those of you who like free stuff to, well, get some free stuff – and here are the challenges that will reward you for completing them:

And here are all the rewards:

Spy Within challenges guide

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Play The Spy Within matches

To complete this challenge, open the Game Mode selection window and select the game mode shown below. Then start the game and just play 5 matches.

Spy Within challenges guide

Eliminate players in The Spy Within matches

When you play this game mode, you can either spawn as a butler or as a spy. If you are a spy, just come closer to a butler and click the LMB – this way you will one-shot them. If you’ve ever played Among Us – this is pretty much the same, but in Fortnite.

But if you’re a butler, you will need to wait until the next round starts.

Complete tasks in The Spy Within matches

The tasks in this game are interactable objects that can help you win if you’re a butler. Just come close to a glowing holographic object and press the interaciton button.

Spy Within challenges guide


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