The Rig

The Rig is a location added to the Fortnite map along with the Season 2 Chapter 2 update. The Rig location can be found at coordinates B7, west of the Slurpy Swamp and much south of the Holly hedges.

Along the shores of Slurpy swamps, a competitor in wrecking appeared – The Rig location. It, like the swamp, pollutes the adjacent territory and leaves disastrous traces around the location. However, unlike the swamp, the rig does not have any features that can help the player at the beginning of the game, such as the same nectar in barrels.

Fortnite The Rig location cannot be called easily accessible because it is remote from the center. The best way to get there is to land at the beginning of the game. Further opportunities may not be.

The Rig chest spawns

There are not many buildings on the tower, their insides are narrow and unsuitable for fighting enemies. This is opposed by the open character of the location, where battles will reign over the medium and long distances. The main boss of the area is TNTina.

The Rig


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