UFOs are already in Fortnite – abduction process

While nobody was expecting any actions from our alien friends, they are already flying through the skies of Fortnite on the UFOs and abducting players. Unfortunately, there are no photos of a UFO in Fortnite yet, but someone has filmed a video of being abducted by one.

The player was just dancing at Risky Reels, probably waiting for a movie to start. However, the aliens’ plan was different – a bright green flash appeared in the sky, pointing the abducting beam right at the player. It takes some time for aliens to kidnap the player, but then they finally did it, the player was just teleported to another spot on the map. As we already knew before, the UFO also heals the player, and that’s why the player had full HP and shields when the spaceship finished teleporting them.

The UFO teleported the player close to the place where they got kidnapped, but it’s unknown if other players get teleported further or closer to the start point.

It is also still unknown what experiments were conducted by the aliens, while the player was unconscious. But the main thing is that the UFOs and the aliens are here, so the world of Fortnite isn’t as safe as it was before.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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