Fortnite 17.10 update patch notes: Abducters, alien parasites and secret styles

You won’t believe this, but seems like Fortnite developers at Epic decided to make a path note article for 17.10 update after so many years, and here we are with an extended version that tells about all the important things.

The 17.10 Fortnite update is quite a pleasant one, even though we didn’t have a live event that was almost promised by the developers. Instead, we have a lot of new summer outfits, new objects and features around the map. The official article can be found here, and the most important stuff will be listed below.


We’ve recently talked about some new UFOs that will bring players to the mothership, and here they are. They are called Abducters and spawn around the map.

Abducters are huge alien donuts that hover above random locations and abduct players. Abducted players get straight to the mothership, where they can fight each other to collect some gold spheres. You need to collect as many spheres as you can until your time runs out (you can see the timer on your backpack). At the end of this minigame you will get lots of loot, the quality of which depends on the amount of gold spheres you collected.

The abducters can’t fit an infinite amount of players, so they only abduct a small bunch each time. They don’t spawn in competitive game modes.

Alien Parasites

Alien Parasites are small, annoying aliens that such your precious life out of you if you dare to disturb them. However, they also give you a speed boost, a jump boost and even light head protection in exchange. The parasites can’t stand water, fire, props (such as toilets or dumpsters) and, obviously, attacks.

These creatures can often be found on chickens, boars and wolves. If the slime from an infected animal gets on you, you will lose some HP. If you kill such an animal before killing the parasite, it will attach itself to your head.

New guns and items

Of course, each big Fortnite update has some new guns in it, including the 17.10 update. Data miners also found new weapons in the game’s files (Images via: @iFireMonkey). Some of them are going live during next weeks, while the Ray Gun is already available.

There also are some new items besides the weapons. Inflate-A-Bull (Image via @HYPEX) is some kind of a bouncy ball, while the Avocado Eater is a work-in-progress grenade.

New characters (2, 18)

There also are new characters that are not listed in the NPC collections book. They can heal your health or shields.

The collections book has also been updated. Characters 2 (Human Bill) and 18 (Zyg and Choppy) appeared on the map. Character 2 is located in Steamy Stacks, and the Character number 18 (who is also a boss) is located at Hydro 16. Zyg and Choppy drop the new mythical ray gun.

UFOs are easier to destroy

The Imagined Order has hacked the aliens’ flying saucers, and their plasma guns shoot slower. Now you have more time to destroy a saucer.

Recon Scanner changes

Now the time for a Recon Scanner to change is 20 seconds instead of 15, and the projectiles are only active for 10 seconds instead of 15 seconds.

Chapter 2 Season 7 secret styles

You already have the 100th level of the Battle Pass, but still want more? No problem. Now you can unlock silver, golden and prismatic styles for Sunny, Guggimon, Zyg, Doctor Slone and Rick Sanchez.

Arena changes

The Hype amount was reset for all players. The scoring system was also changed.


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