How To Get An Additional White Style For The Scientist Outfit

The Scientist outfit, as we all know, has become the season 10 secret skin. To get this stranger-the visitor, you must complete the “A meteoric rise” challenges. They are still available until the end of the season (October 13), so hurry up!

Initially, the information that the Scientist Skin comes with two styles was controversial. However, today we already know that getting an additional white style to the season 10 secret outfit is simple, and most importantly – possible!

To get the second white style for the Scientist outfit, you need to collect all the Visitor records from the “Out of time” challenges and activate the computer in the warehouse.

A map of these record is on your screen:

As soon as you collect all the Visitor’s records, put on the Scientist’s outfit through the locker and go to Dusty Depot location. Move to the gray warehouse and press “E” at the main panel!

The main panel is a few computers located in a semicircle on the ground floor. BRUTE images flaunted above them, so confusing is hardly possible.

How To Get An Additional White Style For The Scientist Outfit

Activate computers and at the end of the game get a white style for the skin Experimenter!


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