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Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world and every day events occur that are associated either with the game or with the gaming community. We try to choose the most interesting news and give the latest information.

map of balls 320x320 - Pop 10 Golden Balloons

Pop 10 Golden Balloons

In this task you need to pop the gold balls. They can be found on our map of balls. The balls turn silver when they are found again in the same place and in sandbox...

prisonerload 1021x580 320x320 - Fortnite Season 7 Week 9 Challenges

Fortnite Season 7 Week 9 Challenges

Quest 9th week were quite difficult, but we have done the passage of the Challenge. Familiarize yourself with the tasks and go to the page with walkthroughs: week 9 fortnight all Challenges. Free Challenges...

fortnite pins 1024x1022 320x320 - Pins Fortnite for developers

Pins Fortnite for developers

Epic Games continue to delight not only the players, but also the company’s employees. This time they invented giving badges to people involved in the development of the season. Icons correspond to each of...

Scr01 3 320x289 - fps affects frame-rates

fps affects frame-rates

Digital Foundry conducted a test, which showed that players who have 30 or less FPS lose in firing speed. In other words, the lower your fps, the less damage your rapid-fire weapon does. The...

joinasplayer 1024x768 320x320 - Observer mode potentially coming to Fortnite

Observer mode potentially coming to Fortnite

The newly discovered files and the in-game bug seem to point to a new spectator function that potentially coming to Fortnite Royal Battle. Many players had crashes in the interface, which led to the...

SecretSkirmish 320x320 - Secret Skirmish - Secret Tournament

Secret Skirmish – Secret Tournament

Epic Games have announced a new tournament on 19.01, which will take 2 days and have a prize pool of $ 500,000. The tournament is called Secret Skirmish and it will be held February...