Snow on Chapter 3 Season 1 map has started to melt

Some events and nature-related things are different in the game and in real life, but there are some that are similar. For example, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 will soon have tornados and thunderstorms, and the snow will soon start to thaw.

Snow on Chapter 3 Season 1 map has started to melt

In fact, the snow has already started to thaw, starting with the eastern part of the map. The first transformation from snow into water and grass happened on January 7:

This is the first stage of snow thawing out of 9. As you can see, the key changes will happen on January 6, when Tilted Towers will finally be revealed from the snow.

When the snow goes away, a new animal should appear in the game – the Butter Cakes!

According to the files, the snow will partially go away every three days. Here’s the schedule:

  • Stage 1: December 5
  • Stage 2: January 7
  • Stage 3: January 10
  • Stage 4: January 13
  • Stage 5: January 16
  • Stage 6: January 19
  • Stage 7: January 22
  • Stage 8: January 25
  • Stage 9: January 28

It’s a pity that the snow disappears from the Fortnite map after just a month of Chapter 3 Season 1. It would be nice to have 3 biomes instead of the regular 2 biomes that we have now (the orange desert and green grass biomes).


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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