Starter pack “Centurion” of Season 16 in Fortnite

Season 6 of Fortnite Chapter 2 started just a few days ago, which means that the starter pack will be updated soon. The items from the pack became known at the end of Season 15. After the 16.00 patch, the pack was ready to go to the store. As a rule, new starter packs appear after 2-3 weeks from the season’s start, so there is not so much time left to wait.

So, “Centurion” will be the new starter pack in Fortnite. It will include the Centurion skin with 2 styles, the Gallant Gear back bling, the Centurion Edge pickaxe, and 600 V-Bucks. The contents of starter packs have not changed for several seasons, as well as the cost of the packs themselves. You can buy this starter pack for $3.99 on PC (the price can vary depending on the platform and region).

Starter pack "Centurion" of Season 16 in Fortnite

Unlike the equipment of the previous “Diamond Diva” pack, “Centurion” is a completely new skin, and not a recolor of the existing one, which is good news. There is no need to talk about the profitability of starter packs. You can get a good skin, pickaxe and V-Bucks for this low price. It is amazing!


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